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My Dad spent most of his life putting in 13 to 18 hr days with nary a complaint. He worked with heavy equipment, he drove truck, he was a family man, a Christian and a patriot. He never saw an 8hr day.I have worked most of 40 yrs as a truck driver, putting in 4+ million miles in my career. My work ethic came from two great parents, who were great examples of Christian living. I had, as our family did, a great deal of respect for Mom and Dad. At a young age, my brother and I would ask my Dad how he consistently put in so many hrs a day. Dad had these huge arms and flexing those perfect biceps he would say "Boys when it's too rough for everyone else, it's just right for me". My wonderful wife Teresa and I are creating this t-shirt company with the intent of sharing my father's legacy with the rest of the world hoping to inspire America as he inspired his family. He was the hardest working man that I will ever know. Thanks, Dad for the good upbringing you and mom provided for your family.With that in mind, to all those who continue to work to make this country great, "Good Job America, and keep up the hard work."